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APAC Sundowner defrost control board

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Have you been told your air conditioner needs to be replaced?

Most companies will not take the time to diagnose faulty systems properly and will push you to replace them. Our technicians at Triple Point Services are highly trained experts in electrical, electronics and refrigeration system diagnosis and that is why we have become the go-to air conditioning specialist.

Repair of circuit boards is often much cheaper than replacement with new and we offer the same warranty!

We can diagnose the faults down to the individual control board and often the individual component on the electronic board. We can then replace the individual component on the board in-house or send it away for more complicated repairs.

Case study 1 – APAC Sundowner repair

A customer had used two previous companies who had both stated that the outdoor electronic control board on an older Australian made APAC Sundowner ducted air conditioner was faulty and needed to be replaced, however, the part was no longer available.

The customer called Triple Point Services and explained the issue. We knew that this part was a common defrost control module still used in other air conditioners to this day. Not only that but with a short call to the supplier we knew the original (slightly updated) parts were definitely available!

We asked the customer if we could perform our own diagnosis to ensure nothing else had been missed.

Within 5 minutes of arrival our technician found an open circuit high-pressure switch…

After being told to replace the system at a cost of around $15,000 we were able to fit a high-pressure micro switch to a disused valve port for a total cost of under $500. The ducted system was repaired and up and running within 15 minutes of our arrival.

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Case study 2 – Panasonic air conditioner repair

We had a customer call about an intermittent fault with a wall split system. The customer had another air conditioning company out to inspect and were told something about a faulty indoor control module and that it’s not worth repairing so they should replace it.

We arrived, we checked the fault codes (pretty basic stuff here), we found the issue was faulty compressor temperature probe wiring. We replaced the wiring to the probe and guess what? From a potential $3000 replacement system to under $300 in labour.

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Case study 3 – better value Daikin ducted air conditioner repair

On multiple occasions, we have diagnosed the main inverter printed circuit board as faulty on mostly Daikin ducted systems. A design flaw has allowed a convenient shelf for rodents and insects to sit on and excrete onto the main inverter PCB below causing premature failure. We send these complicated boards away for repair rather than replacement and can save you upwards of $1000.

  • Example costs:
  • Brand new Daikin main inverter PCB with 12 months warranty:
  • $2099 installed
  • Repaired Daikin main inverter PCB with 12 months warranty:
  • $999 installed
  • Replacement of entire system:
  • $8000+

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